13 Amazing Facts About Mahabharat

13 Amazing Facts About Mahabharat

13 Amazing Facts About Mahabharat most people don’t know. This article will give you such basic facts. Mahabharat is one of the ancient Indian-epic story between two branches of the family.

From Mahabharat and Shreemad Bhagavad Gita’s teachings, all the world’s culture and consciousness have been shaped by them. Mahabharat witnessed not only the presence but also of Bhagwan, demons, and their accomplices, but also established the glory of Hindu dharma (morality and virtues) For the future generation of Bharat Varsha.

 It also helps to Witnessed the largest war in human history that will only after 0.4 million years from now.

1. Mahabharat was dictated by Maharishi Vedvyas and written by Lord Ganesha. 

With the condition that Maharishi Vendyas must continue to speak all shlokas without pause, Vedvyas was also told that he must understand the meaning of shlokas and Ganesha must interpret them. In this manner, Vedvyas would sometimes speak difficult Shlokas throughout the epic. It took Ganesha a while to understand their meaning so Vedvyas took some rest.

13 Amazing Facts About Mahabharat
Mahabharat was dictated by Maharishi Vedvyas and written by Lord Ganesha. 

2. Vedvyas does not refer to a person, but rather a post

 This post was given to those who knew about Vedas and had mastery of Vedas. The name of Vedvyas who recited Mahabharata was Krishnadweepayan, there were 27 Vedvyas before him. Krishnadweepayan was the 28th.Th VedvyasHe was named after Lord Krishna, who had a similar skin color to wheat and was born on an island.

3. According to Dharma Granthas, there are 33 main Gods

Ashtha Vasu was one of them he was the son of Shantanu’s and Ganga‚Äôs and Bhishma was their 8Th son.

 4. It is strange, but it is true that there are also so many Gitas that exist.

Shri Bhagwad Gita, though it contains information from Lord Krishna, is the purest and most complete Gita.

There are many Gitas below.

  • Avadhuta Gita, from Dattatreya 
  • Uddhava Gita is also known as Hamsa Gita. It is a translation of Krishna to Uddhava.
  • Ram Gita, from Ram to Lakshman
  • Vyadha Gita: narrated by a butcher to a householder.
  • Anu Gita, Narrated by Krishna to Arjuna.
  • Guru Gita
  • Ganesh Gita
  • Ashtavakra Gita: From sage Ashtavakra, to king Janaka , etc.

5. Vaishampayan, a disciple of Vedvyas, first time reading Mahabharat at the House of King Janamejay

He was the grandson of Abhimanyu and the son of Parikshit. In order to take revenge for his father’s death, he performed many Sarp Yagya.

6. Krishna broke his promise. 

In the Battle of MahabharatBhagwan Krishna promised he would not take any Weapon. Bhishma, on the other hand, promised Duryodhan

He will fight like a lion, and will either kill Arjun.

Bhagwan Krishna breaks his promise to respect his words and saved Bhishma From embarrassment. The fierce battle between Bhishma Arjun started, but despite being very powerful, Arjun was no match for Bhishma. Bhagwan Krishna was quick to rescue Arjun. Krishna couldn’t take it and he immediately threw down The chariot rein the chariot jumped from it onto the battlefield.

Lifted one of the chariot wheels and charged towards Bhishma was in order to kill him. Arjun tried to stop Bhagwan Krishna but didn’t succeed.

7. Vidura, the chief counsel of Dhritharashtra was the Yamaraj’s incarnation 

after being cursed by Manduk Muni to become a Sudra (the lowest intelligent group of men in the country). Society) because he accidentally killed a small insect.

 8. Duryodhana refused to listen when Krishna tried to narrate to him the Bhagavad Gita. 

Evidently, the whole war could have been avoided if Duryodhana had been educated. Duryodhana said to Krishna that he knows exactly what is right and wrong. He told Krishna that he has an internal force that doesn’t allow him to make the right choices. His Prakriti isn’t allowing him to follow his dharma.

13 Amazing Facts About Mahabharat
Duryodhana refused to listen when Krishna tried to narrate to him the Bhagavad Gita. 

 9. Are you aware of the reason Lord Krishna supported Pandavas over Kauravas?

Both Duryodhan and Arjun went to Krishna to ask for his help in the war. They entered his bedroom. Duryodhan entered his room first and sat beside his head on Krishna’s bed. Arjun stood at the foot of Krishna’s bed, his hands folded in front of him. Krishna smiled at Arjun and said that he would support him.

10. Existence of the atomic bomb in Mahabharata

A student asked about the Manhattan Project’s architect, who was responsible for the creation of the modern atomic weapon.

“How do feel you after you have exploded the first nuclear bomb on Earth?” Oppenheimer replied to the question, “Not the first atomic bomb, but the first Atomic Bomb in Modern Times”. He believed strongly that nukes were used to destroy ancient India.

Unanswered questions: Oppenheimer believed it was a nuclear conflict because of his accurate descriptions of weapons used in the Mahabharata War in the epic, which match modern nuclear weapons. Is there any truth in stories that claim that the Kurukshetra region still has high levels of radioactivity?

11. Jayadrath protected Kauravas in Mahabharat.

He used his boon to prevent the Pandavas from entering the charavihu. Jayadrath received a boon from Lord Shiva that he can hold, the Pandavas’ brother, for one day during the battle except for Arjun. Jayadrath was later killed by Arjuns arrow after Arjun’s son Abhimanyu died in the chakravihu.

13 Amazing Facts About Mahabharat
Jayadrath protected Kauravas in Mahabharat.

 12. Sahdev could see the future 

The future and all events surrounding the Kurukshetra War were known by Panadava’s youngest brother, Sahadev. He was aware of the outcome but kept his mouth shut as he was cursed to die if he spoke out.

13. The real reason Karna was killed was by Brahma’s curse

Karna mistook the Cow for a wild animal once while he was practicing Shabdbhedi Archery. He then shoots it down. The Brahman who owns the cow is upset and curses Karna for causing his enemy to kill him when he’s not fighting. 

This curse occurs when Karna, who is busy pulling the chariot wheels out of the mud, is shot by Arjuna

13 Amazing Facts About Mahabharat
13. The real reason Karna was killed was by Brahma’s curse


The Mahabharata, which is approximately 400 CE in its current form, consists of a lot of mythological, didactic material that organizes around a central heroic story that tells about the struggle for sovereignty between two cousins, the Kauravas, who are the sons of Dhritarashtra and descendant of Kuru.

Hope you find the article interesting: 13 Amazing Facts About Mahabharat

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