The 5 most promising Career Choices after 10th grade


What are your Career Choices after 10th grade? Are you interested in science, commerce, and arts? This is the most common confusion students face after receiving their 10th results.

Students make mistakes when choosing their career path due to peer pressure, parental pressure, and many other factors. Many students don’t have the determination to make a career of it. However, many students feel confused and unsure about their future career choices after high school.

It is important to choose the right path. There are many options in today’s world, but it is important to choose the right path. The most important career decision you’ll make in your entire life is choosing a stream of subjects to study for Class 11/12.

After studying a wide range of subjects throughout your school career, it is time to choose a stream that best suits your career goals, interests, and capabilities.
You don’t have to choose a career path yet. Although choosing a stream is easier than choosing a career, it is still crucial to make the right choice as your stream will have an impact on your career.
After Class 10, there are three main streams:

  • Science,
  • Commerce, and
  • Humanities/Arts.

Each stream has its methodology, subject choice, and career options. While Science is concerned with the application and theory of scientific concepts and Commerce is about trade and business, Humanities is about the liberal arts.

Career Choices after 10th grade: Science

The Science stream can be further subdivided into two branches: the medical (PCB), and non-medical science streams (PCM).
The third subject chosen is what makes the difference between them. Both Physics and Chemistry are required subjects,

  • the medical stream has Biology as the third compulsory subject
  • the non-medical stream has Mathematics.

English is a common subject in all streams. Students can choose any optional subject to complete a total of 5 subjects.
This is a detailed overview of the Science stream’s compulsory subjects:


Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines in the world. It is the science and art of motion, energy, and force. Physics is concerned with understanding the behavior of the universe. The field of Physics has made great technological advances, including the study of thermodynamics and electromagnetism.

Physics classes at the 11-12 level can help you improve your observational, investigative, investigatory, decision-making, conceptual understanding, problem-solving, and analytical skills.
Here are some examples of topics that you might be interested in:

  • Kinematics
  • Laws of Motion
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electrostatics
  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Electronic Devices

There are many career options after studying Physics, such as being a physicist or astronaut, data scientist, technician, or engineer.

2. Chemistry

All of the matter in the universe is composed of atoms. Chemistry studies the properties and structure of matter.
The course at Class 11-12 level covers new areas of Chemistry, including synthetic materials, natural resource biomolecules, industrial chemicals, and other chemical topics.

This ensures that you have a solid understanding of Chemistry fundamentals as well as current developments. Your theoretical studies will be further supported by practical lab experiments.
These are some examples of subjects you might study:

  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  • Chemical Thermodynamics
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Surface Chemistry

There are many career options for chemistry graduates after graduation. These include research, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.

3. Biology

Biology is a term that comes from the Greek language. The Greek words ‘bios,’ which means life, and ‘logos, meaning study, translate literally into the study of all life forms.

Biology is exactly that. Biology studies living organisms, including plants and animals. It includes aspects such as their physical structure, physiological mechanisms, and molecular interactions.

Biology is taught at the Class 11-12 level. It focuses on providing a solid conceptual foundation while connecting biology with real-life technology and agriculture.
These are some examples of subjects you might study:

  • Structural Organization in Plants and Animals
  • Cell Structure and Function
  • Plant Physiology
  • Human Physiology
  • Genetics and Evolution
  • Biotechnology and its Applications

There are many career opportunities for Biology graduates, including those who have completed MBBS, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and MBBS. You can also pursue other career options such as medicine, biotechnology, dentistry, and veterinary sciences.

Career Choices after 10th grade
Career Choices after 10th grade

4. Mathematics

Mathematics is a science that deals with numbers. It is also the most hated subject among students. However, it is often the most loved. Math is used in money transactions and other applications, including in engineering, architecture, art, and engineering.

Math is a subject that focuses on quantity, change, and structure.
You will learn the fundamentals of skills and processes at the Class 11-12 level. You can choose Mathematics as an optional subject if you are pursuing Medical (PCB).
These are some examples of subjects you might study:

  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Linear Programming
  • Probability
  • Vectors and three-dimensional geometry

Mathematics classes 11-12 open up many career opportunities, including those in commerce, if your heart is set on a career in science. Engineering, accounting, statistics, engineering, computer science, and insurance are all possible career options.

5. English

English is an essential subject for all classes, regardless of the stream, as it is one of the official languages in India and the most used language worldwide. English is used widely in schools, offices, and online. Therefore, it is important to have some proficiency.

The subject is taught at the 11-12 level and focuses on improving reading, writing, grammar, listening/speaking skills in English. This prepares students for further study as well as for employment.
There are many career options for those who study English, including teaching, journalism, teaching, and public relations.

Studying English will help you improve your communication and comprehension skills, which will be useful in almost any career that uses English as the language of communication.
Optional Subjects in Science

Additional Subjects

Apart from the 4 compulsory subjects in the Science stream (Physics, Chemistry, English, and Biology/Mathematics), you are required to take on a 5th optional subject. You can also apply for a sixth subject at some schools, which allows you to choose from 2 optional subjects.
These are just a few of the subjects that Science offers:

1.1 Computer Science

Computer Science is an extremely popular field among students. It focuses on the study of programming languages and computing logic as well as computer applications.

1.2 Informatics Practices

While there are many similarities to Computer Science, Informatics Practices is more focused on the processing and development of computer systems, software, and integrated electronic devices.

1.3 Economics

While Economics is a mandatory subject for students in the Commerce stream, it is also an optional subject for Science and the Humanities streams. Economics is a social science that studies the function of an economy, its fundamental elements, and the interaction between markets at both national and international levels.

1.4 Commerce

Commerce stream careers can present many challenges, as well as practical facts. Commerce stream is for candidates who want to succeed in business and continue their career. MBA and Chartered Accountants are two of the most respected career options.
Commerce Subjects after 10th

After 10th grade, Commerce includes essential commerce subjects such as Accounting, Business Studies, Economics. Students have the option of choosing Commerce with Maths, or Commerce without Mathematics. The candidate who chooses Commerce with Maths can choose from several elective subjects, including Information Practices and Psychology. These subjects can be accessed in-depth here:

> Accounting

Accounting covers the measurement, processing, and communication of financial data. This subject includes the analysis and calculation of economic results for an organization.
Business Studies
Today technology has advanced to an even greater degree. There are many new ways to run a business. After the 10th, candidates will be able to learn more about Business Studies.

> Economics

Economics is the name given to candidates who study economics at both micro and macro levels. Economics is one of the most fascinating subjects because it provides a thorough study of how the economy works in both national and international markets.

The Commerce 10th Courses List also includes subjects such as:

  • Fine Arts
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Information Practices
  • Psychology
  • Home Science
  • Computer Science
  • Physical Education

1.5 Humanities

Many people might have many opinions on Humanities/Arts. For the moment, let’s not worry about them. Your family, friends, teachers, and all other well-wishers are there to help. This is your life. The choices you make must be made only for yourself. Ask yourself questions!

Are you interested in the topics that fall under this stream of research? Perhaps you are a historian who is passionate about History. Perhaps you are an explorer by nature.

You like to plot out places and learn about soil conditions. With exceptional communication skills, you could be the most popular child in your class. You are curious about the thoughts and feelings of others. If you believe this, you’ll have a great time taking up Humanities/Arts.

Essential Skills for a Career in Humanities/Arts After Class 10

  • Students who plan to study Humanities/Arts need to be creative.
  • They must be open to new ideas and perspectives.
  • They should possess a searching spirit
  • An inspiration source for good and healthy imagination is always a bonus
  • They should be open to learning new communication skills.
  • They must be passionate about their subject and have a flair for theoretical learning.
  • If you feel like this, then Humanities/Arts might be the right stream.

Here is a general description of the Humanities stream and the subjects it covers. This will allow you to decide if this stream is right for you.


Social Science is an academic field that studies the scientific study of human society. It encompasses many disciplines that are not covered by the natural sciences, such as archaeology and anthropology, geography, economics and psychology, political science, linguistics, and so forth.

While Social Science is a broad field, it falls under the umbrella of Humanities. Social Science teaches three major subjects: Geography, History, and Political Science.


There are many reasons why history should be studied after class 10.
History is the chronological study of human history. It is research that aims to analyze and examine a specific sequence of events.

History allows people to better understand their cultural roots by studying them. You can study any history in the world. This is because everything has a past and that history has had an impact on its present condition in many ways.
History can be used to not only analyze and study a discipline but also as a tool to provide perspective and help understand the current problems.

Understanding history helps us understand how change happened and how we got to where we are today. The study of history can be considered art, and it serves both the aesthetic purpose of entertainment as well as the level of human understanding.


Below are reasons to study Geography after class 10. Geography refers to the study of the Earth’s features, lands, inhabitants, and phenomena.

This subject is studied through the spatial analysis of natural and human phenomena, the study and study of places and areas, and the investigation of the relationship between land and man.

Geography, as we know it today, encompasses many areas of research and study. It seeks to understand Earth and all that it contains, natural or man-made.
It is an exciting time to study geography, as there is increasing awareness of issues like migration, social cohesion, and climate change. Studying geography can open up many career opportunities for students.

1.9 Political Science

The Humanities Stream is a major subject in Political Science. It offers many exciting career options. Here are some reasons to study Political Science:

Political science is a social science that studies the theory and practice, as well as the analysis and description of political systems and the behavior of politicians.

The study of political science allows us to examine issues related to power transfer, decision making, roles and systems of governance, including governments and international organizations, as well as political behavior, public policies, and politics.

Experts in this field can assess the success of government policies and other factors by looking at many factors such as stability, justice, wealth, and peace. This subject is useful in understanding how people govern themselves and how policies are made. It also helps us to improve government policies at all levels, including the national, state, and international.

J Irwin Miller, a noted American industrialist, stated that “the calling of the humanities” is to make us truly human in every sense of the word.

Many students may have heard that Humanities is only suitable for weak academics. Students who want to pursue a career as a Humanities professional can find endless opportunities in the wide discipline of Humanities.

It is incorrect to claim that students will not be able to pursue a career in the Humanities/Arts stream once they have completed Class 10.

Students who are interested in learning more about the humanities, ideologies, and beliefs of humanity, as well as how art, architecture, religions, and other forms of expression by humanity, can choose to study this stream.

Career Choices after 10th grade
Career Choices after 10th grade


There is a bundle of choices you have to make which change your future, So take time and think deeply in what you are good at.

Your career choice is one of your most important decisions. You can reach great heights of success quickly if you make the right decision.

It is important that students choose the right field according to their interests and skills.

All the best. You can choose the career that suits your interests and skills.

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