Top 25 websites for Coding

Top 25 websites for Coding

Here are some Top 25 websites for Coding and competitions to learn the art of coding.

It’s the year 2020. It’s the final year of a decade and the beginning of a new. Through the past 10 years of humans flourishing in the midst of a flourish on Earth we’ve made incredible advances with respect to Science and Technology. A few examples such as The first time we landed on Mars using Curiosity Rover (2012), the first landing on Mars with Curiosity Rover (2012), the detection of gravitational waves in the depths of space (2015) as well as the introduction of a superpower for editing genes -CRISPR CRISPR (2018), “taking” the first-ever image of a black-hole using The Event Horizon Telescope (2019).

Similar to the previous point the most important breakthrough in the decade of 2010 is the development in the field of Artificial Intelligence or more commonly referred to as A.I. With AI technology, science fiction is brought to life. Machine Learning allows machines to learn, and Deep Learning — an effort to recreate the complexity of the human brain using artificial neural networks creating a mind that is their own. 

Technology continues to improve with its advances, Deep Learning pundits are always focusing on one end goal: to build the concept of an Artificial General Intelligence, which is a machine capable of carrying out any type of tasks, similar to human beings.

Each quantum leap that you have read about was made possible by computer programming. For instance, Curiosity Rover was one of them. Curiosity Rover was programmed ahead of time so that it could explore Mars independently without any human involvement, and generating the image of the black hole needed an algorithm that could collect images from a collection of satellites located on Earth’s surface. Earth. This method of communicating with computers was the basis for numerous scientific discoveries that we can see in the present. Without it our society will remain in a state of stagnation.

Anyone can code.

In this age of exponentially growing amounts of data, I feel that every person should learn the art of programming. CEOs, founders and executives, business owners, and VCs seniors and children. As the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow and inequality persists the need for coding will become essential and necessary to survive.

The best part is that anyone is able to learn how to code! What’s the downside? Coding can be a challenge. However, if you have the right qualities: determination, curiosity, and the will to do it you will be able to do it. Programming is also about solving problems. It’s the basic idea of programming. It’s typically employed to automate an otherwise monotonous task.

Additionally one of the most effective methods to master code is through practicing, lots and lots of practice. It will help you make coding a routine. What better way to develop your skills while you are learning how to code, than by participating in code challenges and competitions?

Below are the 20 sites that I have compiled to help you learn to program and gives with the chance to tackle complex algorithmic issues.

The list isn’t ordered in any way. Therefore, scroll down and enjoy the list!

The list of web-based coding sites

1. HackerEarth

Top 25 websites for Coding
Top 25 websites for Coding

HackerEarth is a renowned website for coding that includes more than 2000 challenges, 8000 answers as well as 1000 hackathons. It is also used by hiring managers from 1000+ organizations. The platform is home to a vibrant community of more than 3 million developers.


  • Practice (basic programming questions)
  • Contests (from novices to marathons lasting weeks)
  • Hackathons (solving real-world issues and business issues)
  • The Data Science Competitions (testing your skills in data science)

Top qualities The website displays the remaining days in contests and competitions, and it includes an assessment program for developers that tracks your advancement. You can also use an option for remote interviews and analytics for businesses to view your stats.

2. HackerRank

Top 25 websites for Coding
Top 25 websites for Coding

HackerRank is a platform for hiring that is the most trusted source evaluation of the developer’s skills for more than 2,000 companies across the globe. By allowing hiring managers and tech recruiters to assess talent objectively in every step of the recruitment process HackerRank assists companies in hiring skilled developers and develop faster.


  • Coding practices
  • Interview preparation

The best characteristics:

HackerRank is one of the most popular websites for practicing coding. It is known for bringing together developers with top companies. It is beneficial to both the employer as well as the employee.

3. Exercsim

Exercism is described in one sentence -It’s “Code practice and mentorship for everyone”. It includes 3,173 exercises in 51 languages, designed to improve your programming abilities, as well as engaging discussions with their group of friendly instructors. The best part is that it’s free forever.


  • Language tracks
  • personal mentoring
  • practice model

The best features:

Exercism starts off with languages tracks that let users select their favorite languages. Furthermore, you will have human tutors who will review your code and assist you to get better as you advance. This makes the platform ideal for those who are just beginning their journey and want to learn more about the brand new language of programming.


Top 25 websites for Coding
Top 25 websites for Coding

SPOJ is a simple site with a lot of code-related problems. These challenges can help you become a proficient programming pro and teach you the ability to create efficient algorithms.


  • Contests
  • Algorithms
  • Ranks
  • Status
  • Discussion page

The best features:

SPOJ has tons of amazing coding challenges that truly test your abilities. There are also competitions to take part in, to show your abilities.

5. Programmr

Programmr offers an online, interactive platform that allows anyone to study and practice programming. The company believes that the most effective method to learn is to go to learn at your own pace through a self-taught learning environment. Programmr claims to be one of the top coding simulators that let you code and run a variety of software.


  • Challenges
  • Projects
  • Contests
  • Certificates

Top features:

Programmr has an amazing online coding simulator as well as B2B API which allows anyone to incorporate code widgets on websites.

6. TopCoder Challenges

TopCoder is a coding competition platform. It has a selection of algorithms that you can take on in your personalized code editor. There are always challenges running on the site and you’re always welcome to participate in the event you’re interested in.


  • Challenges
  • Gig work

The best characteristics:

The challenges have specific deadlines and prizes that are clearly listed on each one. They also indicate what type of libraries or languages is required. Although these tasks aren’t meant for beginners

7. CodeForces

CodeForces is a community-based platform that allows coders to participate within “rounds” where a time limit is established and points are awarded to participants. CodeForces also offers competitions and problem sets, as well as groups of coders to play with.


  • Contests
  • Gym
  • Problem
  • sets
  • Groups

Top features:

CodeForces is great for developers who want to enjoy challenges to improve their abilities as well as join group that match their requirements. Its Gym feature is unique in that coders can work on their skills on particular challenges and check their performance at the finish.

8. CodeWars

Codewars is a well-designed and well-designed platform that lets players collaborate to solve challenges. There are two kinds of users who make it happen the creators, who allow the kata to train on various methods, resolve Kata problems with solutions that educate others, and offer constructive feedback. And the people who manage the content and the community.


  • Kata (coding methods)
  • Kumite (1v1 challenges)
  • Forum
  • WikiTop


Codewar has a captivating interface that is unique in the present challenges, calling them Katas in which coders develop abilities and compete with others in Kumite. It’s one of the most effective places to start learning to code and enjoy yourself simultaneously.

9. CodeChef

CodeChef is a programming competition platform designed to assist programmers in improving their abilities in the realm of programming algorithms and competitions. They promote a spirit of learning and encouraging programming with a large community of problem-solvers.


  • Practice
  • Compete
  • Discuss
  • Host contests
  • Campus Chapter

The best features: CodeChef has is one of the most platforms for programming competitions. It is available to any person to run programming contests, and the campus chapter feature to be a tool to help programming clubs. They also hold 3 3contests every month, where prizes are awarded.

10. CodeGym

CodeGym is an online platform for Java Programming that is 80 percent based on experience. If you’re looking to master Java this is the best place to start.


  • Course
  • Tasks
  • Games
  • Chat
  • Forum

The best features: CodeGym has practical tasks for people who are just beginning to learn Java to understand everything they require to be aware of. They also provide immediate solution verification to ensure errors can be identified quickly. CodeGym is also a pioneer in methods of teaching, along with amazing visuals and games.

11. CodePen Challenges

CodePen is an awesome online IDE that lets you create code in your browser, and then see the results as you create it. CodePen challenge is a great place to enhance your abilities by creating things. Every every week new tasks are released to be tackled and the top “Pens” get picked.


  • Teams
  • Podcasts
  • Education

The best characteristics:

CodePen challenges are a blast and an ideal place to be creative and collaborate. There’s absolutely no competition because you have no risk, however, you can learn from these challenges.

12. CodinGame

CodinGame The goal of CodinGame is to help programmers continue to improve their coding abilities by solving the world’s most difficult problems, learning new concepts, and be invigorated by the most talented developers.


  • Practice
  • Compete
  • Contribute
  • Learn

The best features: CodinGame helps people learn to code through games that allow users to learn in a most enjoyable method. Developers can also seek assistance from mentors to go over their codes and to compare their solutions against each one.

13. LeetCode

LeetCode is the ideal platform that will help you build your abilities, broaden your knowledge, and prepare you for the technical interview. It is used by thousands of developers to access their impressive collection of algorithms available from Amazon, Facebook, Google, Linked In, etc. There are more than 1400 practice questions.


  • Algorithms
  • Database
  • Shell
  • Concurrency
  • Contests

The best features: LeetCode has an explore tool that assists programmers in moving toward the next phase of their career as a programmer. LeetCode helps prepare them for technical interviews and they assist in helping companies recruit the best talent. After reading this article you will get to know about Top 25 websites for Coding

14. GeekForGeeks

GeeksForGeeks is the official website for geeks. It offers a variety of resources regarding algorithms and programming. There’s also an interview section that can assist programmers in securing their dreams job. There’s also a fantastic selection of C and C++ puzzles that programmers can solve.


  • Algorithms
  • Interview
  • Students
  • Quizzes

The best qualities :

GeeksforGeeks has myriads of content that teach topics like algorithms, data structures, Computer Science, and tests to test your understanding and knowledge. It’s a fantastic site to learn more about CS information.

15. ProjectEuler

If you’re interested in learning about computer programming and algorithms You’ve probably been aware of Project Euler. A set of mathematical challenges created for those who want to combine math and programming. Project Euler requires the use of maths to create algorithms, and come up with efficient solutions, as well as computer programming to solve the problem. The problems are varying in difficulty and aren’t easy to solve.


  • Archived issues
  • News

The best features: Although the website does not come with an integrated code editor or a solution checker and solution checker, it is an ideal opportunity for developers to install an IDE, and then code their code using it. Additionally, solving these issues can help you acquire abilities that will be essential for a programmer since math is the foundation of algorithms and structures.

16. URI Online Judge

The URI Online Judge is developed by the Computer Science Department of URI University. The principal objective of the initiative is to offer training in programming and sharing of knowledge. The website features a user-friendly interface and includes more than 1000 questions, arranged into eight broad categories that can be which can be solved using 11 languages.


  • Problem repositories
  • Forums
  • Ranking and competition
  • Academic
  • Contests

Top qualities: URI is developed by university students, meaning they’re influenced by novices who wish to learn programming in a fun and enjoyable way. Additionally, the issues are well-organized and divided according to beginning with the beginner’s categories and then moving to more advanced subjects like graphs and computational geometry.

17. Reply Challenges

Reply Challenges can be described as a set of challenges created for “Replyers” and open to anyone who enjoys online competitions and technology. Reply Challenges are about enjoying yourself and displaying talent in the areas of cybersecurity, coding as well as creativity and investment. Prizes are exceptional available for every challenge, including such as a Macbook Pro 16, Airpods Pro, and more. Challenges are open for students as well as professionals.


  • Investment challenges
  • Code challenge standard
  • Code challenge for teens
  • Cybersecurity is a challenge (Coming shortly)
  • Creative (Coming Soon)

The best qualities: Reply Challenges are fun challenges that come with attractive prizes. They’re diverse and anyone can join.

18. KickStart — Google’s Coding Competitions

Kick Start is a competition hosted by Google that gives programmers from all over the world the chance to enhance their skills via an online round of competition. Each round lasts 3 hours and includes algorithms developed by Google engineers to ensure that you learn more about the work environment at Google. The rounds are scheduled regularly so that everyone has an opportunity to take part.

Features: —

The best features:The top-ranked programmers have the opportunity to be interviewed, and may even be offered a position at Google.Hashcode is another excellent code competition run by Google.

19. Code Jam

Code Jam is Google’s longest-running worldwide coding contest, in which developers at all levels put their abilities to the challenge. Participants have to solve an array of algorithmic challenges to be eligible for the World Finals, for a chance to become the winner and take home a reward of $15,000.

Features: —

The best features: Code Jam challenges programmers across the globe to solve complex algorithmic issues by participating in four online rounds. Additionally, every year, the Code Jam World Finals has held at various locations around the world Google offices each year. This gigantic challenge allows computer developers at all levels to learn and inspire them to improve their skills to be able to get an opportunity to be on the podium.

20. Kaggle Learn

Kaggle is renowned for being the site where data scientists work together and compete. They also offer the platform Kaggle Learn which offers micro-courses offered. They are courses that are small enough so that data scientists gain practical data-related skills that they can use immediately. They describe it as the most efficient (and most enjoyable) method to become an expert in data science or to improve your existing abilities. Courses offered include Python, Pandas, SQL, and Data Visualization.


  • Tutorials
  • Exercises

Top features: These micro-courses boil down complicated subjects into simple components that allow beginners to understand the most important subjects and develop the skills needed in a short period of time. The built-in code editor, kernel, is simple to use and ideal for those who are just beginning.

21. SoloLearn

Top 25 websites for Coding
Top 25 websites for Coding

SoloLearn is among the most effective places for learning how to code. They have over 39 million students 17,84 lessons, and 14k tests. I began to learn how to program HTML and CSS through this site and it’s absolutely amazing.


  • Excellent website that includes codes play area and forums
  • Mobile apps to study while on the move
  • Free certificates

Top Quality: The best thing about SoloLearn is that all of the courses are for free on the site as well as mobile apps.

22. Geektastic

Geektastic distinguishes itself from other platforms since they also provide peer-reviewed Take-Home challenges that are evaluated by experts from companies like Google as well as Amazon.


  • If you sign up with Geektastic as a Developer , you take on their Express Challenges which are short , multiple-choice questions.
  • The challenges are developed by the community, and employ the ELO ratings system (used to determine the skill levels of players playing zero sum games like Chess) to evaluate the challenges as well as the developers , allowing you to evaluate your own performance with other members of the world.

Best qualities

  • If you are chosen for the Paid Review Team (kudos if you are!) you could earn a lucrative side job by reviewing code challenge submissions submitted by the community and their clients, which include high-end technology companies that use the platform to assess the abilities of applicants for their DevOps and software engineering roles.

23. Coding Bat

CodingBat is a site free of live coding challenges to help you develop your coding skills with Python and Java. Java, as well as Python CodingBat, is a venture developed by Nick Parlante, a computer science professor at Stanford.


  • CodingBat CodingBat issues are created to have a low cost of operation:
  • Short problem-solving questions (like exams)
  • There is nothing to install.
  • immediate feedback within the browser.

Top Qualities: The best thing about CodingBat is its ease of use and the fact that it’s focused on building and practicing small code challenges to build your skills in programming.

24. CodeSignal

CodeSignal offers an exercise for technical interviews that can help you prepare for interviews in technical fields by taking tests in a real-world environment using what is an extremely advanced IDE. It begins by customizing an individual study plan. It and then assists you in mastering key areas by solving real-world problems.


  • learn and master how to apply the fundamental concepts that are asked in technical interviews.
  • Learn about the strengths as well as weaknesses so that you identify the areas you should spend the majority of your time in the lead up to your interview
  • Review your interview skills and ensure that you are aware of the essential techniques and concepts that are often used in technical interview.

Best Quality: The best thing about CodingBat is its reliability and is used by numerous companies in the field of tech around the world.

25. Edabit

Edabit is a brand new programming platform that offers interactive tutorials that are interactive in JavaScript (with Python and C# in the near future) and also challenges in C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Swift. It’s the most efficient, fastest, and most enjoyable method of learning.


  • endless supply of small-sized challenges which allows you to rapidly increase your skill levels.
  • Begin with a simple approach and work up at your pace until you’re able to conquer the toughest obstacles.
  • simple game mechanics that allow the game to be enjoyable and engaging. Earn XP as you unlock achievements and increase your level.

Top Qualities: The best thing about Edabit is it’s simple to use, with a clean and simple interface as well as the ability to shuffle which brings fun to programming tutorials.

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